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Hot Stitches Podcast Episode 2: Interrupting Dog

Episode 2 of our podcast is up, and this time Steffanie even made it! You should check it out.

What do you MEAN a better podcast also just put up an episode? Okay, okay, we’ll wait until you’re done with them.

This episode we talk about the usual knitting things, a tiny bit of lamenting about how being poor and queer in Ohio works, and how much we love the Ace Attorney movie. Seriously, watch it. Like right now. Or listen to our podcast, then watch it. 

Hot Stitches Knitting and Fandom Podcast


Heeey, knitterly friends. I put up the first episode of my new podcast and I would absolutely love if any of y’all could take a listen. It’s all about knitting (with a segment about crafting on a budget!) and whatever fandom stuff we’re into at the moment. Would love any sort of feedback, ‘cause you’re all great.

Bugging everyone with this again because we’re officially on iTunes now.

Knit along was today and it was kinda really awesome.

Ok so yeah I still don’t really care for this pattern, but I’m over halfway done now (on the second skein!) and it’s moving pretty quickly. As usual though, the knit along isn’t really the highlight.

Anyway, a lot of the girls have been working on Chadwicks lately and I was totally tempted. I have some yarn that I haven’t committed to anything yet that should work pretty well, but I still needed the solid color. So, while I was kinda sadly fawning over the yarn (bc I seriously can’t buy any more), the owner offered to let me do shop samples in exchange for yarn!! It’s basically the most exciting thing in the world for me. She thinks my stuff is good enough to display as samples and gives me the yarn and patterns to work with plus payment in basically whatever reasonable amounts of yarn I want. @-@

Since I want to get right to work on the first sample (the Pluma Shawlette, in a GORGEOUS blue-gray colorway) I only picked up the solid for the Chadwick so far, but still have a lot of credit to work with afterward. I’m pretty flippin excited though. Like I feel super awesome about it ahhh.

Also, Marla’s trying to get me a position at the nursing home she works at which…I would say it isn’t ideal, but it sounds good because it wouldn’t be an actual STNA position. It’s more of an activities aide where I basically take people to and from OT/PT while training for an admin assistant position. I’m not holding my breath but it would be REALLY good @_@

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