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I have to fill out a W4 online for this job except I’ve tried all the instructions they list to get it to work + using every browser I can think of and it still doesn’t work.

So I’ll have to call about it, I guess. Which I probably can’t really do on one of those fake holidays that basically just mean ‘here’s some pointless sales, let’s have a really busy day at work’ for retail. 

I’m torn between thinking the form itself is a piece of shit (I get caught up in one section on each browser, where it simply doesn’t actually seem to be a form any more) and that it’s the fact that windows 8 comes with its own pdf reader that I’m p sure is not actually adobe. So I’m trying installing Adobe reader and THAT’S giving me an issue too. Idek what to do because it won’t let me move forward in the hiring process until I fill it out???

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