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Ugh liiike in a way this makes it easier because there was no guarantee I would’ve gotten there in time for the whole of World/Inferno’s set and I’m not sure it’s possible for me to give any fewer fucks about the Adicts than I already do, but I’m really fucking bummed all the same. Not exactly a show that comes to Cleveland much…

Dream Setlist, completely copycatting!

Bitches, I be copying the fuck out of Miss Rei and making my dream E6 setlist right. the fuck. now. Excuse the fact that probably a lot are songs we all know will never happen live. :’]

After Hours
Devil Nights
Dirty Ball
Steal Your Bones
Danger! High Voltage
I Buy the Drugs
Be My Dark Angel
Watching Evil Empires Fall Apart
Dance Commander
Down at Mcdonnellzzzzz
The Newark Airport Boogie
Gay Bar
Gay Bar Part Two
She’s White
Jam it in the Hole

The End?

Like Even!

Jimmy Carter (Dick and Tait, obv. Pants discouraged. :’])
The Ballade of MC Sucka DJ
I am the Knife
Don’t Be Afraid of the Robot

A Wildbunch encore would clearly be the most amazing thing in the history of the fucking universe, and while I’m actually pretty tired of hearing Gay Bar live, the place explodes when they play it, and there’s somethin’ to be said for that.

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