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I don’t understand people

I was fitting room / operator today.

Some lady came to try things on and had more items than are allowed in the fitting room. I told her that she could only try 6 on at a time and could leave some at the counter and switch out once she was done with the others.

She freaked the fuck OUT on me.

She starts yelling about how if she can’t try them ALL on at once, she’s not going to try any. Thank goodness Kim was there and kinda swooped in to save me. She tried to tell the woman it was Target’s rule and not ours, and that we would be happy to help her swap clothes out.

She just keeps ranting about how she needs to try all the clothes on at once. In the end she throws the clothes on the counter at me and storms off, then ended up complaining to the manager about us.

What is SO inconvenient about switching out clothes when WE ARE WILLING TO DO IT FOR YOU?

Someone got their hair cut at a MasterCuts in Michigan

and put my e-mail for their rewards list thing.

This actually isn’t the first time this person (and I’m assuming, of course, because I can only think of one vindictive bitch I know in Michigan) has signed me up for retarded e-mail spam. I got something from a nature conservation group on a different e-mail address. I just can’t figure out…what kind of inbox-bombing is this?

She’s signing me up to save the world and get coupons on haircuts. Uhm, wat?

Also, I haven’t had my hair cut in over a year, so I don’t think it’s just a headquarters sending me the e-mail from their Michigan address. :|

  • yuy:

    There is this place in m local shopping center.

  • yuy:

    Where they have tanks of water next to these benches and the tanks are full of fish

  • yuy:

    And people go in and pay to sit there with their feet in the water while fish eat the dead skin on your feet

  • Spiffingly:


  • Spiffingly:


  • Spiffingly:


  • yuy:

    Wondered if they had them over there

  • yuy:

    The shopping center here is an American chain so...

  • Spiffingly:

    We have like nail salons and hair places and sometimes subway or pizza hut or starbucks at our shopping places but never tanks to pay fish to eat your skin.

  • yuy:

    It sounds like an American kinda thing though but eh.

  • Spiffingly:

    I don't think American people like having their flesh devoured!!

Okay guys. This is a video I took at Ohayocon 2009, of my amazingest con roomie ever reading some fanfiction that was handed out at a Yaoicon panel he went to.

Excuse my laughter and annoying commentary as I hadn’t originally intended to upload it. :’D

For those interested, the entire fanfic he was reading can be found here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4338095/1/One_Last_Kiss_Before_I_Go It’s a Rufus/Reno…something or another. IDK.

He was telling us about how every fic presented in the panel was Turk-centric pairings and none of it was any good and then he read to us. Even if you don’t like FFVII or yaoi, this is pretty amusing I believe. @_@