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Panacea, Dragon Age 2 Modern AU fic COMPLETE

Over a year ago (holy shit I can’t believe it’s been that long!!) I started this multi-chapter Hawke/Anders Modern AU story. I knew from the start exactly how it would play out and yet it took me until today to give it a proper ending. I don’t know that anybody who follows me read/liked/cared/still cares about this, but there it is, the first multi-chapter story I’ve finished in probably 5+ years.


I’ve said it before, but the gobsmacked expression on Anders’ face when Hawke flirts with him is so stupidly endearing.

*insert long, inappropriately over-emotional diatribe about about how lonely he is at this point and how much he’s given up on almost everything and resigned himself to helping and healing and fighting and endlessly reliving his mistakes and not belonging anywhere and then Hawke tromps in out of nowhere and somehow manages to give him that spark back so effortlessly that it almost seems like… magic.*

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