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Have you done Electric Six fanart? Keep an eye on the offical fb!


Hello lovely followers and non-follower E6 fans! At risk of sounding totally unprofessional on a blog that sometimes just posts photos of chest hair, I wanted to throw this out there for you all.

If you’ve posted Electric Six fanart anywhere that it’s easily findable on the internet, watch for it to pop up on the official page. Exciting, right? Well, exciting if you don’t mind the only credit you’ll be getting running along the lines of


Neat, right?

To be fair, if directly asked ‘they’ might post your name without a link. That’s something.

I’m throwing this out there because it seems like the only way you’re going to get any recognition for it (especially if you don’t have big, current url watermarks on your pieces) is if you throw the link up yourself.

I can’t say for sure, obviously, that this fanart trend will continue. I only mean to provide a little warning to people who may potentially be effected. You worked hard on your rad art. The absolute least you deserve is a link to your blog/gallery.

So yeah, if you’ve done some rad drawings or know someone who has, just a heads up! Credit is important. Fight for your credit. Start a war over your credit. This unofficial fan blog believes you deserve it!

Reblogging this to my personal because it’s really fucking important to me. 

Send Dave to the Melbourne Comedy Festival


Dave is doing a Kickstarter! His goal is $15,000 and at the time of writing there are 29 days remaining. Dave is looking to come to Melbourne for the Comedy Festival in 2015 with his show Hot Head.

The reward tiers range from $5 to $10,000. Some of the rewards available are: lunch with Dave during the Festival for $250, a Skype conversation with Dave for $100, and (my favourite) a one of a kind Polaroid of Dave playing in his backyard for $35. If you ask me, $35 for a masterpiece like that is a pretty sweet deal.

The Melbourne Comedy Festival is a big event. The City is packed with people all month long, every building is plastered with posters and it’s generally a great environment for comedians and comedy fans. As a Melbourne resident, I would love to see Dave’s posters around town.

Obviously not everyone will be able to support Dave financially, but you can still spread the word so this Kickstarter gets funded. Tell your friends, stand on street corners screaming out the Kickstarter URL, rob a bank and donate the money before you get arrested or share it around social media.

Thanks everyone (:

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